TUPOLEV TU-204/214/224/234

The Tupolev Tu-204 is a medium range narrowbody twinjet and was the first Russian airliner to fly with western engines.
 Tupolev began development of the Tu-204 to meet an Aeroflot requirement for a replacement for the medium range Tu-154 trijet. This all new twin featured a supercritical wing, while engine designer Soloviev (now Aviadvigatel) specifically developed the PS90 turbofan. Other Tu-204 design features include fly-by-wire and a six screen EFIS flightdeck. First flight was on January 2 1989.
 The Tu-204 is offered in a number of models. The base model is the Tu-204, while the Tu-204100 and 200 have higher max takeoff weights, more fuel and greater range. The Tu-204C and Tu-204-100C are freighters fitted with a forward main deck freight door, the Tu-214 is a combi convertible development.
 Tupolev was keen to develop a westernised development of the Tu-204 to broaden the type's market appeal, resulting in the RollsRoyce RB211535 powered Tu-204120, which first flew on August 14 1992. All but the first five feature Honeywell's VIA 2000 EFIS avionics suite.
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