Ilyushin IL-96

 Ilyushin IL-96-300 IL-96M & IL-96T

The Ilyushin Il-96M long range airliner and Il-96T freighter are modernised and stretched developments of the Il-96-300 equipped with western engines and avionics.

Compared with the Il-96-300 the Il-96M and -96T feature a host of improvements and incorporate much western technology. The most obvious change is the fuselage stretch taking max single class passenger accommodation back to over 350 (as on the Il-86). The longer fuselage also means that the Il-96M's vertical tail can be smaller. However perhaps most important of the changes are the Pratt & Whitney PW2337 turbofans giving greater fuel economy and reliability. The Il-96M also features Rockwell Collins avionics including a modern two crew six screen EFIS flight deck.

The first Il-96M to fly was the Il-96MO prototype, a conversion of an Il-96-300, its first flight occurring on April 6 1993. The first new build production Il-96M was a Il-96T freighter which was rolled out on April 26 1997, while the first new build Il-96M was due to fly during 1998.