Boeing B737NG Deluxe for Microsoft Flight Simulator X
 Available since: 04/04/2007
EUR 9.90
  • Main Panel 
  • EFIS,Multi-Function Display, PFD,EICAS, Standby Instruments, Clock, Gear lever, Brakes Taxi
  • 3D Virtual Cockpit with 737-800
  • Overhead
  • Hydraulic System, Fuel System, Electrical System, Bleed Air Condition cabin altitude control panel, Lights control panel, APU control panel,
  • Pedestal
  • ENG-SECONDARY - Multi-Function display STAT. HYD DISPLAY Nav Con fig Atc.,Engines Masters, Engines Starter, Rudder Trim, Parking brake lever, flaps and spoilers levers,
  • 2D PANEL
  • Head-up Guidance System
  • FMC FS FPL function-GPS flight plan
    IDENT-Aircraft And engines model, navdata. Position-position initialization
  • PERF INIT-Performance internalization–aircraftweightsfuelreserves, cruise altitude
    THRUSTLIM -Selectingreferencethrustlimits,reduced and derated thrust.TAKEOFF REF-Takeoff reference speeds
  • RTE-Route origin and destination airports
  • PROGRESS Flight Progress And time / fuel estimate
    NAV RADIO-Navigation radios control
  • 3D Virtual Cockpit