AIRBUS A380-800
  • Main Panel  EFIS,ND, PFD, EWD, all the ECAM system pages reproduced in detail.Terren button, Mag/true push button, standby instruments ,Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator displays, digital clock, Gear lever, Baro Reference Display Window Brakes
  •  Primary Flight Display Flight Mode Annunciations, Attitude and Guidance (Feet/Meter), Airspeed Altitude and Vertical Speed Heading and Track, Sidestick position power ,application Radar Altitude.
  • Navigation Display ARC Mode,PLAN Mode,ROSE NAV Mode,ROSE ILS Mode,ROSE VOR Mode,TERREN DATA ,Mag/true  HEADING
  • ECAM Engine EWD Display Thrust limit modeTO-GA, FLX,REV indication,FOB Total fuel (Lbs or Kg),LP Rotor speed, in %,HP Rotor speed, in %.,Fuel flow per engine, (Lb/hour or Kg/hour),Exhaust Gas Temperature, in °C,Flaps / Slats indicator.
  • ECAM System display PRESS (pressurization),ELEC AC (AC electrical),ELEC DC (DC electrical),BLEED (air bleed system),HYD (hydraulic),FUEL,CRUISE (common reference data),APU (auxiliary power unit),F/CTL (flight controls),DOOR/OXY (doors / oxygen),WHEEL (landing gear),COND (air conditioning)
  • DSP-Display Select Panel The Display Select Panel controls what data is show on a selected ECAM System display
  • Overhead Hydraulic system, Fuel system, Electrical system, Bleed Air Conditioning system change the temperature in each aircraft zones cabin altitude control panel, Lights control panel, APU control panel,Radio,Audio
Throttle Quadrant 
  • Pedestal Engines Masters, Engines Starter, Rudder trim, Parking brakes lever, flaps and spoilers levers, Radio Audio,Transponder Panel.